NASA’s upcoming spacesuits will be created by Prada

NASA’s upcoming spacesuits will be created by Prada

Italian luxury fashion house Prada has unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with Axiom Space to spearhead the design and development of NASA’s cutting-edge lunar spacesuits for the upcoming 2025 Artemis III Moon mission.

In a joint declaration, Prada disclosed its intention to integrate its engineering prowess with Axiom’s Space Systems division to craft the innovative Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit (AxEMU) spacesuit.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group’s Marketing Director, emphasized the brand’s progressive vision for humanity, which now extends into the realm of space exploration. He conveyed their profound privilege to partake in this momentous mission alongside Axiom Space.

Highlighting Prada’s rich history of experimentation, state-of-the-art technology, and design expertise, Bertelli underscored how their journey, which began in the ’90s with Luna Rossa’s pursuit of the America’s Cup, would now converge in the creation of a spacesuit for the Artemis era. This represents a resounding testament to the ability of human ingenuity and innovation to propel civilization forward.

The next-generation spacesuits have been lauded as a groundbreaking achievement and a pivotal advancement in space exploration, signifying a novel frontier for luxury fashion brands.

In recent times, Coach, Heron Preston, and Balenciaga have collaborated with NASA on space-themed collections, but Prada is transcending these design endeavors.

Michael Suffredini, CEO of Axiom Space, extolled Prada’s technical prowess in working with raw materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and innovative design concepts. These attributes will prove instrumental in ensuring the comfort of astronauts on the lunar surface and addressing crucial human factors considerations that were lacking in previous spacesuit designs.

The next-generation spacesuits are being meticulously crafted to shield crew members from the unique challenges posed by space and the lunar environment. These suits are engineered to offer increased flexibility and enhanced protection, tailored to withstand the demanding lunar conditions.

Axiom Space heralded these spacesuits as a testament to innovative technology and design, enabling more extensive exploration of the lunar surface than ever before.

The 2025 Artemis III Moon Mission represents a historic event, marking the first moon landing mission since 1971. NASA’s objective is to place the “first woman and first person of color” on the moon’s surface, with the astronauts spending a week on the lunar terrain before returning to Earth.

As NASA declared, Artemis III serves as the culmination of rigorous testing and extensive space travel, exceeding two million miles, accomplished by NASA’s deep space transportation systems during Artemis I and II. Orion, the spacecraft with a crew of four, will once again voyage to the Moon, this time to etch history with the first woman and next man to set foot on its surface.

Preceding the departure of Artemis III in 2025, Artemis II will take four crew members, including Victor Glover, Christina Hammoch Koch, Reid Wiseman, and Jeremy Hansen, on a mission to explore the moon’s vicinity, as NASA has officially announced. Among them, Christina Hammock Koch will be the first woman, and Victor Glover will be the first person of color to eventually step onto the lunar surface.

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